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Music Theory is the “math” or formula behind music.  Learning scales, intervals, triads, seventh chords, inversions, figured bass, analyzing Bach chorales... This may sound like another language.  That it is!  Our students learn music theory so that they can better understand the music they are learning on their instrument.  Knowledge of music theory can also help students write their own music and improvise with more ease.

Ear Training is also very important.  Some students have a natural ear for music and melody, which we can help them recognize their potential and further it.  Other students have to train a little more to hear melodies.  That is okay!  We are hear to help train students become well rounded in all aspect of music and playing their instrument.  Ear Training for beginner students start out recognizing major and minor melodies, scales and chords by ear and then further progress to identifying intervals and practicing melodic dictation.

Rhythm Study is an essential part to music.  Without rhythm, music can be less exciting.  For beginner students we identify different types of notes (quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, etc) and their count value.  As students progress, we practice rhythm dictation and challenging rhythm exercises.

Music History, not as boring as it sounds!  If a student is learning a piece composed by Chopin, learn about the composer and the story behind the piece.  Even if students are practicing orchestral excerpts this information is essential to learning how to interpret passages and the style in which the music should be played.

Music Technology - ah, here’s the fun part for the techies out there!  This is a chance for our students to get creative, make their own music incorporating unique instrumentation and fuse different styles of music using our computer programs.

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